Thursday, January 9, 2014

Choose joy...

Life can be crazy at times... I tell myself numerous times every day to "choose joy" no matter what is going on. Because yes, quite often it is a choice. I myself have found that saying it resets my attitude in a way...focusing less on myself & focusing more on God, who is ever faithful. God, who has blessed me beyond anything I could ever asked for or imagined. He is my backbone...a constant reminder that there's plenty of things to be joyful about. 

*like the bracelet? It was a gift from my sweet cousin CaryAnn, who has an incredible shop:
Go check it out!

*curious about what I'm crocheting? Those are soon-to-be boot cuffs in a brilliant shade of pink! I'm planning on listing them in my shop, that is, if I don't keep them for myself :)

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